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Wanted: 32 Model S truck running boards

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Starlightcoupe, thanks for the info, but no, the truck running boards were an embossed metal treadplate, not covered with rubber.  I think they were basicly the same for the Models S, T and K truck from 1932 -1940.  I'd appreciate any information someone might have on the location of any of these model trucks.  

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I tried to order a pair, but as you mentioned, they were out of stock... I do not think they are too narrow, at least from the picture illustrated at the web site.... Sorry, I do not have the correct width. Please see the picture attached for the original running board for the 1935 Studebaker ACE. The Snyder illustration is for a 29-1/2'' board (type A-185-G), the ACE measures 33-5/8''. I will bet the board is sufficient wide. PS! The ACE in the picture is with the Deluxe Cab, thus not as square as the Standard Cab. The pattern is as close as you can get it with out making the boards yourself :-)






running boards.jpg

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