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1933 chrysler royal 8 carb & w/pump question

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The internet shows the Royal 8 as being the model CT 274 CID engine.


If this is correct, then the original carburetor would have been a Stromberg EX-32 which was probably the finest single barrel downdraft available in 1933.


In 1936, Stromberg added a vacuum power system to the E series, and the EX carbs became EXV carbs, which gave slightly better fuel control under more than a normal load.


In 1939, Stromberg obsoleted the E series, and brought out the B series, but by this time Chrysler had opted to discontinue the expensive Strombergs on other than their most expensive models, and were to the cheaper and much more troublesome Carter BBR series. While I really like MOST Carter carburetors, I cannot recommend the BBR series for anything other than numbers-matching show cars. Carter had so much trouble with them, Carter even offered a troubleshooting document for the BBR series alone.


As Chrysler did not offer a B series Stromberg, one would have to do significant research on venturi size, etc. on the aftermarket BXOV series carbs, if one wanted the most up-to-date of the Strombergs.


Zenith basically made this size single barrel ONLY for trucks or univesal application.


If one is not interested in keeping the vehicle somewhat period original, then that opens up a whole spectrum of Rochester B's, Carter BBS, Carter YF, Holley 1904, Holley 1920, Zenith 28, and Zenith 228 carbs; NONE of which would be calibrated for the Chrysler engine, and would require fuel line, linkage, and air cleaner changes.


An additional possibility requiring a manifold change is the 1937 Chrysler 274 is shown as using a two-barrel downdraft. I have no references that tell me whether or not the two-barrel intake will fit the CT.



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Glad you got it running, and can now enjoy the car.


Don't toss the original EX-32. Sometime when you have some spare time, take it apart and determine what is wrong with it. Impossible for any two-barrel running through a 2->1 adapter to run as well as a well-functioning original. If it runs great now, think how it could run.



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