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1937 special Carb Question


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I picked up a 37 special a few months ago -  While it took some work it is now running and hopefully this weekend driving!!


I had the Carb rebuild,  (stromberg aav26- Which I dont think is the original Carb for it... but thats whats there for now!)  

It was leaking out of the Jet Plugs -  Finally was able to solve that

Then it was leaking at the one joint -   got that fixed

Now it leaks out a whole in the very top of the carb -  my quest is a vent hole


so  my 2 part question--  the previous owner had put an electric pump on the car -  vaccum one had died....(carter 6v inline pump)

I got this one working, and put a fuel pressure regulator in.


What stops the fuel flow once the carb is full-- I think that carb is leaking out the top because the fuel just keeps flowing and thats the only place left to go?

and or how do I stop the leak at the top?


Thanks for any advise!

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Fuel leaking out the vent is due to too much fuel in the bowl. This may be caused by:


(A) Too much fuel pressure

(B) Defective carburetor float

(C) Defective carburetor fuel valve

(D) Incorrect carburetor float setting

(E) Cracked carburetor housing (exceptionally rare)


Since the fuel pump is foreign to the engine, would start there. If you bought one of the dial-type inline $34.95 regulators at a FLAPS, would suggest a fuel pressure gauge to see what the pressure actually is. I have not been overly impressed by tests we have run on this type regulator. Specified factory pressure for an AAV-26 is maximum 5 psi.


If the pressure is 5 psi or less, then time to go into the carburetor.



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I will check those


it was supose to have been rebuilt -  so hopefully they changed the floats and everything inside......  

Carter says the pump is 4-8psi

I picked up a holley pressure regulator  that is 1-4 psi -   and have it dialed down a bit  but havnt taked an exact pressure reading as of yet

I guess Ill start there  then check the other items





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