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UUR2 carburator wanted


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A vendor on the white field at hershey had 3 nice ones, one Pierce and two others........ 900.00 each price seemed about going rate for good ones.... be carefull there are lots of junk ones for sale.... most end up on ebay... ED

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Had the same problem on a Stutz and on other cars too. The British SU carb seems to work good on other cars. The Jaguar 3,8 has the same bore as the Stutz and should work. These are adjutable to some degree, easyest on the older ones. Just invent a way to hook it on and try. The Marvel carb from the bigger Buicks from 33-34 should also work. They are made of the same material, and usually need work to funcktion, but are easier to find in useable codition.

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