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1931 Century S Carb


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Hi. We have taken the car down the frame, rebuilt the engine and are down to the last few items to get it running for the first time in 46 years.  I'm looking for information on an updraft carb that will fit a 31 century s. The one that came with the car is a carter, but doesn't fit the manifold exactly so I'm sure the original was replaced with whatever they could find at some point. Also, where to find one. Thanks for your help. David 

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The information in my files suggest the Hupmobile model S came with a Stromberg U-2 carburetor number A-13492.


Most of the Stromberg type U-2 carbs were constructed of zinc alloy (a.k.a. white metal, "pot" metal, etc.), and over the years have cracked into dust.


There are several different internal venturi sizes of the U-2, to allow the carb to be used on different sizes of engine. The part number WILL NOT appear on the carburetor.


There is a gentleman in Australia that is reproducing some of the U-2 castings, and if one has an original U-2 with correct parts for his/her vehicle; new castings may be obtained and then transfer the other parts to the new castings.


The Dodge Brothers Club used to import these castings. I do not know if this is still true.


As to the Carter: Carter made their type BB-1 updraft carburetor in three different physical sizes, several different internal sizes, with approximately 70 different models. IF you have the proper size/configuration for your vehicle, it is an excellent replacement.



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