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What holds horn button in on 41 LC steering wheel

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Don't  know about 41 LC but  on my 38 L/Z the round center " horn button"  has 3 short legs under it with  feet  which push down thru 3 gaps in steering wheel center, there is also a spring under the horn button, give it a turn to the right and it clips in.

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Keith here.  Attached is a diagram of the '41 steering wheel assembly. Just to clarify things, are you describing the chrome horn button with the embossed Lincoln script or the plastic horn button mount?  The chrome button has, or should have three tangs that bend over to hold it in place( not shown in diagram), and the plastic horn button mount is held down by a circular  "C" wire spring (shown)  

'41 Steering Wheel diagram.jpg

steering wheel with hub.jpg

1941 horn base2.jpg

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