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MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

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Whoaaa, getting some competition.....


While it's still Friday....


my old Century, Marilyn




and my sons 56 Century, long gone






Anybody else, you've got til midnight or else you'll have to hold it til next RED Friday :D  Willie ?





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Taillight Tuesday, today featuring a cool custom. Not bad, except maybe for the choice of grilles which doesn't quite fit physically or design wise imo. 








BTW I have a pretty decent set of the rear quarter fins for sale if anyone is interested. I was going to use them on a 54 but.....

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Breaking News! Giant hubcaps from space attack  “1954 Buick Highway”  Authorities suspect Plymouth Motor Company may behind the attacks as the 1954 Buick closes in on Plymouth sales and expects to soon take over as number 3 of The Big Three. 



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6 hours ago, dei said:

Posting this early for "Tail Light Tuesday" MrEarl.  (or late, whichever you prefer :unsure::lol:)




I bet it just kills you to wait til Christmas to open presents  too! ?

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Yes gang, it’s Tail Light Tuesday again 

Uh, excuse me little lady, but I believe you’re in the wrong thread. 3BE7712B-E8CA-4908-83FE-53F12C6E6C14.jpeg



Good Lord, now see what you’ve started 






Ladies please the Girls on Buick’s thread is on down the page 




well maybe one more 




Sorta gives a whole new meaning to T T T Tail Light Tuesday 

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