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Nancy Eaton

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Glad to see everyone at Allentown, but could not stay for Friday or Saturday as my wife Nancy was hospitalized in Indianapolis. 

Nancy was not coming to Allentown because she would not be able to go to the hotel room if she got tired so she chose to stay with her sister in Indiana. 

My brother Ted and I made it to Allentown but was informed that Nancy was in the hospital.

I just want to thank everyone for signing the get well cards and praying for her.....she is doing great, never was sick but must stay in Indiana until the Doctors are

finished with her antibotic treatments.  We are hoping to get home by 8/22.  The grandson is staying at our house in TX watching the cats and drinking my beer. 

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Nancy was given the ok to come off the I.V. on Thursday....we headed toward Texas on Friday.

Thanks to everyone in Allentown that signed the "get well" card that was waiting on us when we arrived home. 

The little I saw of the Allentown meet was great and wish I could have been there for the entire time but we all know who comes first. 

I have the package for 2017 Wisconsin and hope we will be there. 

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