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Winter / California Top - 1910 - 1920

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Good evening all - 


It was suggested to me that I should post in this forum as well, just in case there would be some interest from someone who is not looking through the buy and sell forum.  Here is the description and the link to the original topic below.  Thanks for reading, appreciate your time.


Antique car top. Was informed by someone much more knowledgable that it's commonly referred to as a California top.  We found it on the second floor of our carriage house we recently restored. Guessing it's about 100 years old. Includes 4 doors with glass and two side windows, and the backing for the rear, all shown in the pictures. I think this could certainly be restored and used again, all things considered, it's in pretty good shape. There is an interior dome light if that helps, not sure how it would be powered. Measures 105" long x 57" wide x 31" tall. I have it listed at $1500 because that was a price suggested to me.  I am open to offers and any information you could provide me. Please reply, call or text with questions. I am located in Northern KY, 5 minutes from Cincinnati.  This would have to be picked up, it’s very large.  Thanks for reading.  Louis, 513-673-4472. 



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