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This note for "Digger". Digger I have fighting with my pull down assy., for four years. I was talking with your buddy Bob French, and asked him if he thought I could contact you for some parts issues with the assy., and he said yes (blame him). I have a known good motor, have replaced the clear plastic housing with the new black one from T C Parts (Larry C.),replaced the gears 4 times. Have now determined that the problem may be the paddle switch. I have 3  Thanks, Bob Barrow part numbers, 16603820, which is the one on the assy. 16629927, which Bob F., thinks is the one from Cadillac's (just one switch (paddle, no secondary small black switch) & 16603372, unknown. Currently the assy., is intermittent. I currently live in Windsor Ont, & winter in Florida & may take my assy. to the T C meet in Lakeland in Nov. & give it to Larry to take back to Arizona to repair I was wondering if Larry is able to get paddle switches to make repairs. If you are interested I could give you my E Mail and if you could respond with a phone #, I could call you .

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