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Reatta Tail Light Lens # 16507512


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NOS Reatta Tail Light Lens for sale.

New - Never Installed - Perfectly Clear Lens

Fits 88,89,90 and 91 Reattas

This is the focal point of any Reatta.

This is not for a daily driver.

This is for a "show" car.

Firm price of $5,000 plus shipping.

There is probably not another one of these in existence......

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I have two sitting myself. Both are in reserve for the day polishing the existing lenses and good used spares I have on hand no longer yields satisfactory results, or when I just decide I want to install one. I paid a tenth of that for one of the lenses I have and the other was part of a non-cash trade deal.


large is a major stretch for just the outer lens when the best kept low mile Reattas being sold currently top out at probably under 20K with a very few outliers exceeding that. Most are not selling for anything close to that, so a $5000 lens is probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the market value of even a really pristine coupe or well better than average roadster.


I don't see the asking price as being realistic given the current market for these cars, and I'm not saying that to be insulting but rather pragmatic. No one is doing concourse grade restorations on a Reatta nor does that seem to be in the cards for the foreseeable future given the lack of interest from well funded serious collecters. This is still a car for us mere mortals to collect and preserve and it seems stuck there for now. If Wayne Carrini starts collecting and restoring Reattas for auction at Pebble Beach then it might appreciate to that point




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Ok, I owe all of you an apology.  I truly believed that I had the very last Reatta tail light lens in the world. I stand corrected.  We know now that there are at least five more.  If anybody out there has any interest, I'm open to offers.

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Robert, no need for an apology. Was just trying to convey the realities of the market as it is presently. I'm not currently in a position to buy another regrettably, or I'd be interested. As Marck stated a couple of posts unthread, in the past year or two the going asking price for one seems to be around $750-1000 from the handful I've seen advertised. Marck could say better than I what they are actually selling for, as he sells a lot of parts as a business where I dabble in parts sales as a sideline. Condition is key, even some new parts tend to have small marks and such from long term storage in less than ideal conditions. These will naturally tend to knock the value down a bit versus an absolutely perfect one.


I do appreciate that you posted here with a reasonable follow up, some sellers would have been rather indignant on being informed their asking price was not in line with the current market. If I may suggest, you might do better listing this on eBay as it will get much more exposure there than here. Activity on this forum has fallen off the last year, and many Reatta owners were never active here to begin with. Most of us here presently are DIY, budget minded types rather than serious collectors doing top shelf restorations. 






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