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Reatta Tail Light Lens # 16507512

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NOS Reatta Tail Light Lens for sale.

New - Never Installed - Perfectly Clear Lens

Fits 88,89,90 and 91 Reattas

This is the focal point of any Reatta.

This is not for a daily driver.

This is for a "show" car.

Firm price of $5,000 plus shipping.

There is probably not another one of these in existence......

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So I guess 5000  For a light isn't bad for a car.  Only a 1/6th of the value of the restored car. Now just another 100 thousand pieces to go.   I think one would be better to buy a super nice survivor for probably under 20 that didn't need the light unless of course it was your families car and money didn't matter when you dragged it in to the restoration shop and handed them the blank check.  

 I sell NOS parts for a living and I know of very few parts that command that kind of money that aren't for cars that exceed 100G. 

Good luck with the sale.

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Ok, I owe all of you an apology.  I truly believed that I had the very last Reatta tail light lens in the world. I stand corrected.  We know now that there are at least five more.  If anybody out there has any interest, I'm open to offers.

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Not directing it at you but anyone who claims to have the last of anything better be ready for ridicule.  I have seen and found some incredibly rare things that people thought they had the only one or were never able to find one.  There always seems to be another one out their somewhere buried in some hoarders collection.  With newer parts you would be surprised the amount of inventory that is just uncatalogued in a back room waiting to be found by someone like yourself or I and brought to market.  Most is very unexciting and has little to no market so it isn't really being traded.  In their are gems like you found.  Usually alot of cull though to get to them. 

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