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Need help. 1964 Buick Tachometer 7000 rpm


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Need help to identify or get pictures!

I'm looking for a 1964 Buick Tachometer 7000 rpm which is pictured in the 1964 Buick accessoriesbrochure. It's difficult to see how it actually looks like. I have been offered a couple of tachometers on Buickv8 forum and one looks quite close.

This tachometers where  mounted either on top of dash to the left of the instrument cluster or probably also as a knee knocker.

Do anyone have some correct pictures so I can compare.

I even got some information that they came with a flat or satin black cup so it could be painted in the color of the car? 

Also that they were the same in 62, 63 and 64.


Would really appreciate some expert help from the Buick Team!






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7000rpm??  Where does the "Red Line" start??  7K rpm seems a bit high for an engine that peaked horsepower at about 5000rpm and probably should not be run past 5500rpm in stock form.  Be that as it may.


I suspect the same accessory tach was also used by Chevy, Olds, and Pontiac?  The "Chevy" use might better explain the 7000rpm scale, or need for such.  Perhaps there were customized bezels for each car division, but the same "guts"?


ONE thing to consider is that if the tach specs at 2% error, that possible reading error relates to the "full scale" rpm, which makes an actual 1000 rpm read somewhere in the range of + or - 140rpm of 1000rpm.  One reason that from an accuracy situation, a 5000rpm tach might really be a better deal.


THE OTHER thing to consider is that these factory tachs (made by Sunn, as I recall?) needed an underhood "box" to run them.  Not just a "connect the wires" situation to get it to work.  Just make sure you get the WHOLE kit, if you find one.


Take care,


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Thanks for that additional information.  I remember an associate coming up with one of the tachs (out of a '62 Impala he used to have) and saying it would not work without the underhood "box". That situation changed sometime about 1965 or so, I believe, when more companies built "add-on" tachs.  Ford had a factory accessory tach in 1964 or so, but not sure how it hooked-up.  Looked kind of neat in the middle of the instrument panel top on a '64 Falcon (the pictures of it in sales literature).



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7 hours ago, Topper1961 said:

I got the correct one! No need for more offers! 


Thanks for the support!

Since you say you now have "the correct one," could we maybe see a pic?  I suspect it is the same tach GM used in Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs of that era.  A pic woud confirm/refute this assumption.

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As we all know Buick had according to the factory accessory brochures both 6000 and 7000 rpm Tachometer for the aftermarket. In the brochure "Buick Engineer Approved Accessories for 1964" you will see the 7000 rpm "TACHOMETER". Engineered for the sports car minded Buick owner. Accurately measures engine R. P. M. designed to harmonize with other instrument appointments. Available for all series.

Firstly, this end the discussion as I can see about 6000 rpm vs. 7000 rpm in this case. Secondly to my knowledge, understanding and experience based on discussions on this forum, Buick Net and Buick V8, they could either be factory ordered or bought through your Buick dealership. This 7000 rpm Tachometers were to my clear understanding available in both late 62, 63 and 64. For those bought at Buick dealership, it is most likely that you could get what they had in stock. This Tachometer I bought from GS Fred who has several in his position, both for console and dash mount "knee knockers". It is now undergoing restoration and to be rebuilt and calibrated for Pertronic Ignition.

No, I can't give you a 100% guarantee that my statement is 100% correct. But so far it seems to be the one, unless someone else can prove other. Production date on this tachometer is 14962. The Lesabre 64 models started production summer or late summer  63, ref Ted Nagels wagon " 08D = body build date = August (08) 1963, fourth week (D)"


Hope this help. Sometimes I wish we had a crystal bowl to look back into those days.....


Two pictures of the actual tachometer, and two other from a 1964 Wildcat (look at the location) and from a 64 Riviera with top dash mounted tachometer. According to the owner it costed USD 55.00 plus installation back in those days.














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I may be old enough to add some comments.....Back when I first started serious car tinkering, "Sun" was the main player for good quality elecronic racing tachometers.  Don't know when the started but my guess would be around 1955 when Chevy and Pontica added V8 to their production cars.   At that time the OEM manufacturers did not offer a tach in the dash or as an accessory.   Also notice the design of the gage...the needle did not come out the center of the gage like tachs for the last  40 years.

Also an noted the early "Sun" tachs needed the "box" that went with the tach.   Probably by 1962 the "box" was eliminated and everything resided withing the tach itself.

I suspect that  GM, Ford, and Chrysler all used "Sun" for the "guts" and had various housings for their cars.   Then some cars finally made the TACH available in a package with in a special insturment panel for their performance cars.    

The one I am familiar with would be the Corvair Spyder... in the spring of 1962 the first Spyders became available and the Spyder dash had a standard electronic tach

The only other US car I can remember with a standard tach was the Corvette and all the early Corvette tachs were mechanical driven off a Corvette unique distributor

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On 8/26/2018 at 1:32 PM, Loren@65GS.com said:


Here is one that I have available. It has been tested and works good.





Still have the 7k tach?


If so, how much?  


Thank you,



Norwalk, CA  90650



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1 hour ago, SBRMD said:

Loren, where have you or others mounted the 6k in a '65 a-body?


I ask because I'm entertaining one to put on the clock spot, as colleagues have done.  Weighing alternatives.


Hi Steven,


  In my '65 Gran Sport, it is mounted in the cup at the front of the automatic long console. Personally not very practical. For manual '65 and '66 Gran Sports, there was an accessory consolette that had the same cup. For cars without a console or consolette, the knee knocker style cup was available.

 In the Skylark bodied cars the knee knocker style was hung from the bottom of the dash. 



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