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A little Opel love in the Bugle

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I just wanted to say how nice it was to see some love for the Opel GT in the August 2016 Bugle.  For years I've thought I'd like to buy my mom a Karmann Ghia, because as a kid she told me she once tried to buy one but her father wouldn't let her.  After drooling over a freshly restored GT at a local car show, she told me she only settled for the Ghia because she couldn't afford a GT, but it's the Opel she really wanted.


I also found it interesting that the owner of the previously mentioned and drooled on GT (who was also showing a Kadett) really put an emphasis on the fact that his Opels were also Buicks.  It was on his signage and he reiterated that fact to anyone who would listen, but he was a member of the Opel Club, not the BCA.


I kinda wish there was a little more activity down here, although my budget appreciates not having a constant reminder of another project hanging out on my bucket list.

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It was a good story.  While I did not appreciate the beauty of an Opel when I was a teenager, I can now see that was a mistake.  There have been a few Opel GT's around my area that are being noticed now.  They look like fun cars that you don't need to break open the piggy bank to enjoy.

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When I lived in Oklahoma City, there was a fellow down the street from me that had 3 GTs.  I eyeballed them every time I went by, half hoping to see a for sale sign, and half fearing that they'd be too pricey for me if they were for sale...

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