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info. needed for '25 Stutz Speedway 6

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Thank you for the photo. Your engine is the same in-house STuTZ built Type 691 engine as mine. My engine number is 14489. Yours is the inly other engine I have seen with the round freeze plugs. I am not sure how many of these engine were made. My body is also a Racine body.

Have you rebuilt the engine? If so I would be interested in knowing how that all went.

Mine engine has not been rebuilt but still have good compression and oil pressure. It starts nd runs fairly well.

I am the treasurer of the STuTZ Club and always interested in our 6 cylinder cars.



Yes my dad rebuilt the engine just fitting new valves and head work.

Bruce got some valves of the same size just needed to cut new keeper groove & grind stems a small amount.

Bores were honed new rings bearings fitted ,as engine has not done many miles in its life.

This car came to NZ as a racer, with similar cars to compete at Beach races run pre war time.

Bruce Catchpole owned 6 or 7 Stutz cars over his life and was regarded as a world authority by several authors of Stutz books whom he corresponded with and visited on his trips to the US.

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On 12/24/2010 at 2:07 PM, blauvelt said:


got your msg. I am not a member of the Stutz club. WB is 120" Will get some pics of the engine.

The chassis was originally set up for 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, though now the car is just set up for brakes on the rear. Would be nice to score a set of brakes for the front.

my plan is build a touring body for it, or an earlier style roadster body, as i am kinda tall and if i built the same body as your car, i would never fit in it.

the WB on the dog is uber custom...chopped, sectioned, bobbed and channeled :eek:

attached some pics (sorry for the crummy cell pics)






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I missed your November 2018 reply.

My WB is 120".

Have you done anything more on the project?


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