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Get Out Your Tools - 1953 Roadie Coupe For Sale

buick man

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…. So take a look at this as I just came across it.  A 1953 Roadmaster Coupe with all the fixings & Trimmings !!  The place is liquidating a what appears to be 200 car rest home for tired and neglected Buicks.  From the photos it appears a buickman 2 or 3 gallons of Marvel Mystery Oil treatment to start with after a good cleaning and vacuuming of course along with a good Tig/Mig setup and grinder would get things humming right along on a road to restoration bliss. :P  Located in Mankato, Minnesota and that's just not that far from Sioux Falls, So. Dakota - 507-386-1726 If that helps !  Photos posted here for posterity to see what some $ 5,400 greenies will get cha.  Ya just gotta love it as these places and these cars just like this - are disappearing faster than the " Made In U.S.A. tags " on the things you buy everyday .  Well rest assured this one is Made In America and won't be found Walfart -   http://www.autabuy.com/Vehicles/Details.cfm?VID=16926830&Year=1953&Make=Buick&Model=Roadmaster





54 ROADIE 1.jpg

53 ROADIE 8.jpg

53 ROADIE 7.jpg

53 ROADIE 6.jpg

53 ROADIE 5.jpg

53 ROADIE 4.jpg

53 ROADIE 3.jpg

53 ROADIE 2.jpg

53 ROADIE 17.jpg

53 ROADIE 16.jpg

53 ROADIE 15.jpg

53 ROADIE 14.jpg

53 ROADIE 13.jpg

53 ROADIE 12.jpg

53 ROADIE 11.jpg

53 ROADIE 10.jpg

53 ROADIE 9.jpg

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…. well Pete u are absolutely right.  But for the folks who just want yard art and nothing else this might just be priced right.   It's now becoming more apparent I predict that a lot of this ear of cars is just now moving into that category. You know like all those old model T's that are in front of county stores or the vineyard with the rusty Ford T flat bed truck out front with wine barrels in the back.  Perhaps this era of cars have arrived just in time to replace all those old stationary relics of days gone by….

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