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Rattles and clunks: Starting over again.

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Before I dare go to the shop again, I wanted to see if people could share with me their experience in locating noises under their Reattas.  I have been under the car a bunch of times but I can't replicate real road experiences by reaching, pushing, pulling, and jiggling every part.  


The noise seems to come from underneath, on the right side, and more from the front than the back.  On smooth roads all it fine, I think gravity is working in my favor.  On minor road irregularities, whether going straight or turning, there is mild clunk.  It makes this otherwise wonderful car seem fragile and cheap.


I am willing to explore any suggestions but am wary of going to a garage without knowing what the cause is.  The last attempt cost way too much and changed nothing.


Thank you for any guidance and experience you can share.


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It has been my experience that it is usually the strut mounts or the front sway bar bushing. In the rear it usually is the strut mounts, rear sway bar bushing, or the rear brake pad rattle.

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