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'28 master cylinder? Froze


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Have a '28 12A that has been off the road for maybe 6 years or so. Drove out of the garage and had a stiff brake pedal and when applied the car slows and stopped its roll but little brake was there. Further inspection after removing the floorboard is that when I push the brake pedal I get a micro fraction of an inch movement of the pedal and the master cylinder armature. Appears to be locked up. A peak under the MC cap shows rust colored fluid.  Is this a clear sign of an overhaul or might I have a chance at driving this car yet this summer? Hoping someone might reply with " ah just wrap the conutant bearing with a flabinoid hammer" or something positive...

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Wouldn't it be nice if it was that simple?


Since brakes are pretty important, as in life or death important, it sounds like it's time to pull the master cylinder.  And since that's likely in need of serious help from age and storage, likely a good idea to check brake hoses and wheel cylinders as well.  You might be able to free it up and install a kit, but unless you are comfortable and experienced, or have good help close by, I recommend sending it out for repair as the early Lockheed master cylinders are quirky and no fun to take out again when they don't work after the 'rebuild' (guess how I learned this!)


Brake and Equipment Warehouse in Minneapolis,MN does a good job with the odd, box-style 1928-29 master cylinders.  

You could send them the master, wheel cylinders and brake hoses and get all back restored in plenty of time to enjoy the car this summer. 


612-378-3141. Talk to Rob in the shop.  He does lots of these for Franklin, Stutz, etc.  for cars all over the world (also all other brake systems for all early cars)


Otherwise consider getting some help from someone nearby who knows the system and has restored them before.  It's just not worth taking chances with brakes. 


Tom Rasmussen

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