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Trico Visionall Wiper


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1930, 145, Town Sedan, The visionall unit was either purchased by the Original Owner or the 2nd Owner as the 3rd Owner told me it was with the car since at least in the 40's or 50's as a comment was made about the unusual wiper system on the car. The 3rd Owner bought the car in the mid 80's was trailer from Michigan to Calif. All the items that could be removed to prevent theft while on the road were removed & put inside the car, 6 hub caps, crankhole cover, mirrors, gas cap--& the visionall unit. All were replaced except the wiper unit as he was told some parts to it "MAY" be Missing & was not installed by him & he is not 100% sure it ever was. I bought the Car in 03 & have not remounted it as i also think  --parts are missing, like the right side wire arm that holds the blade, vacuum switch & parts to the mechanism in the center underneath between the blades. A flip/flop rocker thing with a thin wire hanging down . I'm not sure if it changes direction of the blades--or?.  All the mounting brackets are present , so I  would at least like to remount with the one blade present operating or not...Ed

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