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PFindley gives the issue number information. I went and looked at my copy out of curiosity. It looks like a very nice article with a lot of basic information and small pictures of quite a few models. It appears typical of most articles and research of those years, and should not be relied upon for complete accuracy, but should be an excellent start for basic research today. Pictures are all black and white, and a bit grainy. Not a lot of detail. In my quick peruse, I did NOT see the author's name, so cannot affirm or deny your Dave Chambers question.

1955 and 1956 were the first years for the HCCA Gazette to become more colorful on their covers. Number 6 both years had actual color pictures on their covers, while most issues continued with B&W photos and some other color top band. 1956 number 5 has a brown band at the top in case you want to try to find a copy, with an old photo of an early Buick below it. An additional small brown band at the bottom of the front cover tells of the Buick article.


One of the best places to get earlier issues of the Gazette is to buy them from the HCFI. I believe the sticky at the top of this Horseless Carriage forum thread has a direct link to both the HCCA and the HCFI. HCFI uses sales of duplicate literature to help fund their research efforts. Most of the literature is donated and sold for a very reasonable price. I filled in several gaps in my collection from them several years ago.

1956 seems to be the first year that is really commonly available. Most of those issues can usually be gotten fairly easily, and for probably about $20 or less per copy.

eBad is another good place to find them. It has been a couple years since I have looked there, but mid-'50s Gazette issues used to show up regularly. Some sellers there want gold for their treasures. However, usually some early issues would show up with a reasonable reserve. Unless you really need one RIGHT NOW, or have more money than you know what to do with (a feeling I shall never know), again, about $20 or less should still be fair.

Good luck!


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