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So Mr Earl

This leads into;  I have some information I am getting ready to post because I often see confusion for so many other with regards to the 1953 and 1954 headlight bezel and inserts.

I have photographed both front and back of each a 53 and a 54 bezel, have also a chart with dimensions of each.


I am just about finished, however I wonder now are all models of the 1953 buick, (40,50,70, + skylark) the same,  while 1954 buick (40,50,70) the same . or are there differences between models/series, if so then I am to continue on my documentation and info for my post.


I ask this because a recent purchase of 1953 mustache bar ends wound up being for a special (40) (smaller) and I am building a roadmaster. 



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Jeff, if I had dollar for every "1953 Headlight Bezels, also fits 54" ad I've seen on eBay and CL, I'd be a rich man. And you are correct, the 53 headlight doors are the same for all series of 53's and the '54 headlight doors are the same for all series '54's.  And regarding the mustache bar ends, yea, that be the way the 54's are too,  the center mustache bar is the same but the side extensions differ in length. Also worth noting, the inner gravel deflector and the radiator pan are the same widths and are interchangeable between all 54 series.

Thanks for taking time to document, look forward to seeing it. :)

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