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need parts, not scammers!

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Placed an ad here and with the Nash Car Club and have had several responses. One sounded promising in the beginning but as the conversation went on I became more and more suspect. He called me and had another incoming call so he had to take it. he called me back and went to voicemail. I have a very lengthy nasty voicemail from him concerning all membership here and have yet to return his call. Then the emails started......

I have received several emails from different addresses all assuring me they had the parts, ask for a picture and received it in short order. explained to them they had the wrong part in the picture and they asked me for a picture of what i need so they could identify the right part. Considered sending a picture of a Duesenberg engine to see how much they would sell it for!

I just need parts,  not the added BS!


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Hi Chad,  The reason I have never considered a wanted ad on NCCA, no matter how badly I need Nash parts, is that they post all of your contact info including Name, Email, location and Phone, right where it is in view of the entire world.  There is no way I will put that out there. I have not become a paid member there, but gladly would, if they did a forum.  I don't think they have enough volunteers to do that though.  A Nash Club forum would be better to put owners in contact with each other, much easier and more likely to get honest help.


When you receive a pic, you should do "an image match search" to see if that exact pic came from some ones old posting, and they just copied it to scam with.


tougher times coming around the entire world, so we can expect a big increase in scams.


If I knew who to ask for the parts you need, I would contact you here by PM.  I just don't know of anyone who might have any of it.  The only 1070 parts I have are H/L lenses and H/L rims, and a very few trinkets.

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             Sorry to hear this kind of thing. I don't know if this will help but, I buy a lot of parts on line for a lot of different cars I own. If I ever get "that" feeling, I ask if I can have someone drop by and check the part before I commit. Luckily I belong to about a dozen different car forums so there's always somebody some where who is willing to help and close enough to put their hands/eyes on a part. In return, I have been asked to check out parts for other forum members as well. If the seller balks at that, there's your answer.

Good luck,


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