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1950 Crosley Farm O Road Restoration and more

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More work on the Mark III.  Was a busy week at the shop so not much time to do side jobs but did get some filler on the bad areas and then another coat of sealer primer.  Hopefully now a good sanding and it will be ready for color.  Maybe...





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In trying to do the touch up on the 1971 Lincoln Mark III with Bright blue Poly paint code 6 I keep getting the wrong color from my auto parts/paint supplier.  It comes out tons darker than the original color.  I have used Valspar paint system for years and would like to use it on this car but I might have to change to some other brand.  Has anyone else ever had a problem with Paint code 6 for Fords from about 1967-1971?  I have been looking online for over a week and see two different colors of vehicles when they say Bright Blue Poly or Acapulco Blue.  One dark blue and one that looks light the right color.  Is there something I am missing in an alternate color mix or ?????? 

I know what everyone is going to say and I might have to do it, and that is to get a part of the car color scanned and go from there.  But one of the easiest parts to remove is the gas door, but it was repainted years ago and is slightly lighter than the original color.  The car is masked off and was ready to paint so if I have to take the whole car and get it scanned I will have to undo and redo all the masking.  Also, not too many paint store in the area that have the scan tool.

Who would have thought a car that is just 50 years old would have so much trouble getting the paint color right.  LOL  

Any help would be appreciated. 




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Got the proper color for the Lincoln.  Valspars paint formula is wrong and the paint man at the auto parts said they don't care, he has called before and they never answered his questions.  

Got the passenger side painted and now on the driver's side.

Also did some stripe work on the wife's car, plum crazy.











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Was a good day to paint.  The Mark III was calling my name saying paint me, so I did.  The humidity was about 80 percent, but everything went well.  This is a single stage acrylic enamel paint.  Has been a while since I have painted with single stage 🤣😆.





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These week is the National Crosley Meet in Wauseon Ohio.  Today was the day to load the FOR and some spare parts so I can head out tonight.  Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have a great time.  





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Another wonderful Crosley Nationals in the books.  Good weather, good cars, good food and great people!  Fun times for all. 

The FOR did well getting first place.   And the best part is it was the picture vehicle for the FOR trophies.




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With the Mark III finished and gone, it is back to work on the 1948 Chrysler.  It needs brakes shoes and wheel cylinders all the way around.  Got the rear of the car jacked up and wheels and drums off.






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