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1950 Crosley Farm O Road Restoration and more

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What a wonderful show in Gettysburg today!  Was surprised to get a First Junior and a National Award Nomination!!  Wasn't expecting that.  Thanks to the AACA and all involved for a wonderful meet!  Great to see you Chistech and thanks!!!  Ted, you are a great guy too!!!

Now to get a picture to send in.  Any suggestions???



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19 minutes ago, dalef62 said:

That is not mine.  Belongs to fellow Crosley club and AACA member Jeff Gladden.  But nice article.

I hope both ignition keys are different when they're parked side by side at a show!!



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Taking on a customer's 1948 Chrysler Windsor.  I have had the engine and transmission for several months and now I got the car in today.  I will be installing the drive line and getting it drivable, then send it back to the owner.  It is a one family owned car in very good condition.  

Just a tad bigger than the Crosley FOR.








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Today I was able to get the engine in the Chrysler Windsor today.  I rented a engine hoist and got some extra hands to ease the install.  It is alot heavier than the Crosley engine... Does anyone know what that Chrysler Windsor 6 cylinder engine with bell housing and torque converter and clutch would weigh?

It is now setting in the chassis and waiting on all the extras to be installed.




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On 12/22/2020 at 12:20 PM, dalef62 said:

I installed the transmission in the 1948 Chrysler Windsor today.  Was harder than I expected but it is now in place.



Don't forget to put the E-brake band and linkage on the back of the transmission or else the car will roll away on slopes when parked.😬

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Yesterday I worked on the 1948 Chrysler to try and get it running.  The owners are away and I don't have the ignition key so I removed some of the wires I had connected and jumped the starter solenoid and coil.  After lots of adjustments and tries the engine came to life for the first time in a long time.  Sounds good.  Blew alot of rust and nut shells out the exhaust.  Now to get the radiator in.






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One huge radiator installed.  Did some work on the brakes, the master cylinder was dry, put fluid in it and pumped several times and started to get a pedal.  Then I lost it, fluid on the floor at front left wheel.  Pulled the wheel off and found out someone else was working on it.  The wheel cylinders are frozen and one was broke along with missing parts.  The brake line between the two cylinders was also missing, then I remembered I had seen that part in the trunk.  Put it in and now it built up pressure on the pedal.  A complete rebuild is in store for the brakes, just need to see what can be rebuild and what needs replaced.



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Installed the hood on the Chrysler today and took a SOS pad to the paint on the right front fender to see what it looks like.  Does make a difference and I am not one that like patina, but I might make an exception on this car.  Even if it isn't mine.





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