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Just wanted to start a thread here to show off my 41 Olds that I bought last week and pick up Aug 2. If anyone can give me some info on the proper name for it that would be greatly appreciated, It is a 6 cyl car. 1941 Olds Garage find.jpg41 Olds driver back.jpg41 Olds Driver side.jpg41 Olds Front.jpg41 Olds Passenger Side.jpg41 Olds Interior.jpg41 Olds Back seat.jpg


So far I have managed to locate a source for the clock that is missing. Now to be on the hunt for the other stuff missing from the car. 


Betty has spent her life since 1998 up on blocks in the previous owners garage and  prior to that spent a few years in a barn from what I understand. 

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Well, they liked blue...


It is a Special Series 66. It is an early '41 because the trim on the bottom of the dash and grilles below the headlights are chromed. Later '41s had those parts painted instead of chromed.

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