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1912 Deasy / Siddley Deasy HELP!

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Regarding1912 Deasy / Sidley Deasy<BR>I have recently acquired what I believe is a 1912 Deasy / Siddley Deasy and am looking for any information on this vehicle for a restoration. Do you know of anyone who would have information, spare parts, photo's, etc. <BR>Thank you for any help you can offer.<BR>Regards<BR>Mark Masa<BR>USA<BR>mark@linkcycles.com<BR>330-722-2241

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Mark,<BR>Mr Siddeley joined the old Deasy firm in 1909 i believe. the name changed around 1911. changed again around WW1 to Armstrong Siddeley. from the pics i've seen the Deasys had the radiator behind the motor.<BR>hope this helps.<BR> Manuel

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