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Placement of seat belts, 1941 Buick

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I am going to add seat belts to my 1941 Buick Roadmaster 4-door sedan. The front seat is an undivided bench seat.

Question: Where do most people place the outside belt, within the seat frame (position 'B' in photo) or outside the frame (positon 'A' in the photo)? I like 'B' because  it may be neater and totally hide the belt attachment behind the rear foot rest.  But, 'B' may be more comfortable and secure.

Question: What is a good position for the belt to the right of the driver? Should I just sit down and take measurements that way?


I also plan to cover most of the sheet metal back frame ('D') with thin rubber tubing to prevent wear on the belts.


Any suggestions and/or photos of your installation would be appreciated.


Note: The belts I ordered have extra wide reinforcement plates and are the 74" variety.



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Through the floor like newer cars.  If the seat belts are attached to the seat in newer cars it is because the seat frames were designed for the seat belts and the force of a crash and not have the seat become detached from the floor board or the seat frame.

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7 hours ago, Larry Schramm said:

Through the floor like newer cars. 

I should have been more clear, Larry. I do intend to anchor them to the floor. My question is as to where on the floor they should be placed

and where they should pass through or around the seat frame.

One recommendation I saw set 15-20" as the spacing between anchors.

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