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Leroi Engines

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I have a 1913 Trumbull with a Leroi engine. The same engine was supposedly used in other early cars and tractors. The engine has a cam driven (lobe) plunger type external oil pump that supplies oil to the front and rear main bearings. It really does not work very well. Does anyone have a fix for this? Will the splash take care of the mains? Anyone have an owners manual? Thanks for the help!

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That was a pretty common type of pump. I have the same kind on a 1914 Hudson. It is very low pressure, my service manual listing 4 psi. at road speed and about 2 psi at idle with the engine warm. Splash is not going to take care of the mains. I think you are going to need a working oil pump. Have you disassembled the pump and cleaned it thoroughly? It probably has a check ball some where in the mechanism. Be sure it is free and in good condition and that the seat is OK. When I had to replace mine, I found it in stock at a local auto parts store. And are the springs in good condition? My pump has two, one for the plunger, and one for the check ball. Is ther plunger worn, allowing pressure to leak? Also check to be sure that the oil passage into the block are unobstructed and that the lines are not kinked any where. If I can be any more help, let me know.

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