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1926 Franklin spark plugs

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Spark plugs ?    1926 franklin model 11A   engine E103545  can anyone tell me the type of spark plug that should be in this vehicle.  It now has autolite 3095   with a reducer  going from the 1/2 pipe thread of the spark plug to 3/4 pipe screwed into the head. Problem being the od of that reducer barely screws into the head maybe on 3 threads. so something is obviously wrong. What is the original spark plug and what is its thread dimensions.

Also a source for technical information    what should compression be?

Thank you

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Hi from Athens, Greece, S. Europe.

Trying hard Europe wide to source  ten (10) W18 (518) Spark Plugs for my Franklin 11-B (1927).

I would appreciate any useful guidance.


K.L.Zekakos, Dipl. Mechanical. Engineer

Copy of Franklin total view.jpg



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Hello, Putize. 


Have you tried searching online for any Champion Spark plug suppliers in Europe ?  If you go to the Champion website and click near the upper left corner, it lists countries outside the USA that they deal with.  https://www.championautoparts.com/Products/Spark-Plugs.html


I don't see Greece listed, but it might be easier to order from a country closer to you than from here in the USA ? 


We can get the Champion 518 (old number W18) from many sources here is the USA such as our local autoparts stores. Or we can order them online from , www.amazon.com and www.rockauto.com .

The online suppliers may ship internationally ?



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I thank you for your comprehensive guidance.

Yes., I have decided to reach sources European wise.

Will definitely get back to you after my thorough search is fulfilled, since I believe that other European Franklin owners have met similar difficulties like mine.




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Konstantios, Thats a fine looking Franklin! Im Curious, How many  Franklins are in your area? Ive shipped  2 Franklins overseas... one to Germany and one to England.  As I remember they were a 1930 147 sedan and a 1931 153 sedan. If you have problems getting the plugs , I can post them to you. Mike 

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Dear Mikewest,

At first I would like to thank you for your gentle approach.

Here in my country (Hellas, South Europe), I'm proud to be the sole Franklin owner.

It was my late father's favorite vehicle  among 27 Historical Vehicles of our private Collection.

I managed to source W18 Champions from U.K (so no custom fees will overcharge my package), but my Franklin has now W14 on it.

Can you please advise which type should I finally order? The colder W14 (now installed on my Franklin) or the hotter W18 (suggested to me by fellow owners)?

My technical knowledge on Franklin so far lead me to fit W14 on again, as they have cause no trouble for the last 25 years.

But W18 still remain a vivid suggestion choice by American fellow Franklin owners, whom I always pay great attention to. 

Please do spare some time answer me W14 or W18, in order to result to my final order from U.K Market.

I thank you in advance,





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