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Galloway two cylinder motor wagon

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Hello all,

The picture attached was found on the web for reference, unknown owner.

  Hoping to correspond with someone who can supply pictures of the running gear of a "Galloway motor wagon " 

Would be very helpful in the restoration of the first vehicle in our district,

 Our Galloway was cut in half and the back half used as a cart  and is long gone , 

Thanks in advance ,



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There is a Galloway in the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis http://transportmuseumassociation.org/

Perhaps they can help you,  Galloway was a seller of farm equipment.  The trucks were built by others and sold under the Galloway name.


There is also a member (don't have a name) of the Moon Car Club in st Louis that is quite knowledgeable on Galloways.  The membership chairman should be able to steer you to him.  I believe he lives in NE.  http://www.mooncarclub.com/  Contact Jeff  at MoonCarClub@gmail.com

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I found some more information for you.  According to The Illustrated Encyclopedia if American Trucks, by my friend Albert Mroz,

The Galloway was designed by William Galloway and built by Dart Mfg, both of Waterloo, Iowa between 1908 and 1911 at which time the name was changed to Maytag.


I have located the contact info for the gentleman a met a few weeks ago that owns a 1912 Galloway Utility. If you send me your contact info, off list, I will ask him to contact you.  I don't want to put that info on a public media.



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