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I recently sold my 1991 TC, but still have some items left over to get rid of. I had two hardtops, one red and one white, but the new buyer took the red one and left me with the white one. Not sure if there's a market for these, but I want it out of my garage by the end of August. I hope to get some photos of it after the 4th. It's in great shape, no tears in the headliner, and has the usual bubbles in the porthole windows. I also have to original tool kits that I'd like to sell . I have no idea what to ask for these items, and assume that eBay is the best way of listing them so both buyer and seller have a protected transaction. So, any ideas of starting prices? Has anyone shipped just the hardtop before, and how did you do it?

By the way, I live in San Diego, California, sorry for not stating that before!

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If you're within a couple hundred miles of Minneapolis, I'll come get it out of your garage and give you some money for it, if it's in good shape. Don't know what a top is worth as there seems to be more tops than there are cars that need them and I don't have one because to me they cost more to paint to match, or pack and ship than they are worth.

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Hardtops get listed on ebay for 6-800 dollars all the time and end up relisted until the owner gets down to the 50 dollar range or just gives it away. Every TC came with a hardtop and most were kept if the car was totalled so there are probably twice as many hardtops out there as cars. Totally different for Mazda Miata tops, very rare when new and still get about 1000 dollars when sold.

The tool kits generally go in the 100 dollar range when complete and in good condition.

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