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How do you remove CHALK from upholstery material

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Soften it with steam if you have a steamer, if not soak, scrub with a stiff bristle brush, vacuum and repeat as needed. For cleaning upholstery I use a Bissel Big Green, but any carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment will do. Even after 40 years it will wash out if it is chalk.


If it's been any time in the sun, the upholstery around it will be faded and where the chalk was won't. If the marks were actually made by a soap stick and have hardened to look like chalk, lay a cotton rag over the mark and use a regular hand iron on medium to warm it up and suck it into the cotton.

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Are you sure it is chalk and not a waxy crayon or pastel?


If it is, you might try a piece of newsprint (no ink!) on it then a hot spoon back on the paper on the mark. If it is waxy it will be absorbed into the paper. The spoon can be heated in a flame. A medium heat dry iron should work too.


I would have thought chalk should brush off.

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