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11 hours ago, EmmettTC said:

Nice! I love the mini EQ. Wheres the sub?

No big sub the 4, 6.5 Pyle speakers are what they call mid subs they don't have the real big base like the 10 and 12 inch subs but do put out really nice base they do have cross overs to filter out the highs  

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24 minutes ago, Reaper1 said:

I'm impressed you got to those dash speakers without rolling the dash back! (or did you?) Where/how did you mount the amp?

Hi Reaper1 nope didn't roll the dash I have a 90 deg philips screwdriver it is kind of a slow proses too get the screws out and in, the amp is under the storage box were the factory cd player would be the amp is only 6.5x4x2 so it fit nice

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