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Cameron Six


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Chad W. of Oklahoma has a Cameron Six Air Cooled engine that was passed down to him through his family.  It was discovered in the family barn years ago.  Although it is not complete, he was able to set it up and demonstrate it at the local tractor and engine show in Shawnee, OK last week.  He took video of the engine being manually operated, as well as a series of still pics.  




If anyone has any material, pictures, rumors of a Cameron Car in existence, etc. we welcome your input.  You can post it to the page, or email it to me directly, and I will get it posted.





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I am trying to locate or get information on the 1910 Cameron Six that Roland Dunkelburger used to own.  He told me that he sold it a few years ago, to 'someone in the Southwest, I think," but he has been unable to locate any paperwork or documentation on the sale.  


Does anyone have any information about this car?  We think that it may be one of 100 Cameron Sixes that were built in my hometown of New London CT in 1909-10. 


It is possible that Chad's Cameron Six engine (above) may also be one of those built in New London.


 Any help is greatly appreciated.

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