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Based on your signature, it is a Nash 1070. According to Chiltons 1927-1933, the tappets are common with 9 other Nash engines and no others. They are:

1170, 1130, 1120; 1060; 960; 660; single ignition 6-450 early and late 1930; Std 6-420.


I don't have the later Chiltons. The Hollander doesn't list tappets.

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2 hours ago, CHAD THOMAS said:

or does some one have an old interchange manual that could tell me who else used tappets that would fit my Nash?


Just trying to help:


-There is a good company that can regrind cams and lifters on obsolete engines.  I don't know the name, but if you start a thread on HAMB website about: "what company can regrind lifters", there will be some replies.  Some of those members send out rare aftermarket hot rod lifters for flathead Ford, and had good results.


-if you are sure yours can't be reground:  There is an old time NOS/NORS parts supplier that has an incredible amount of old sizing/tech manuals.  N.B.Pease & Co., Foundry Street, Palmer, Mass.  You can get the phone number from a quick search, or PM me.  I don't want to put it here as robots search for numbers to junk-mail-by phone !


-If he can't help.  I would post a clear picture on "what is it" forum, hoping that someone will recognize the style as being some type that is in a later inline flathead motor?  The problem is the bore size, and if you are forced to go with a larger bore lifter, you'd need to strip the block back down again to have a machine shop rebore it.

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If it were me I would look for engine reconditioning business(es) of long standing and take it there. They may recognise it and will certainly have parts books. You may be able to sit at the coffee table and look through them yourself. They nay even have some ideas on refurbishment of the lifters you have.

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