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Getting a windshield is one thing, you can always use glass from a LeBaron, getting it installed is another. A mobile glass installer probably won't have the plastic trim retainer clips in the truck and a glass shop might need to special order them. At 25 years old I can guarantee you will need to replace at least one clip when you do the glass and this must be done when the glass goes in.


Start checking the yellow pages for a good auto glass shop and find yourself an installer that has been in the business long enough to know how to remove the frame trim. The trident in the pentagram looks good and keeps the car original. Gouging up the leather upholstery will stand out like a sore thumb. 

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Glass shops do like to sell the glass with the install and I think this is the only piece of glass we share with the LeBaron. Finding an installer that knows how to install is more important to me than an insignia that you need to look for to see.


Headlight glass is a different story, at $100 a pop if you only need one you buy it used.

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If you are going to use a Lebaron windshield, make sure it is for a 1989 Lebaron convertible. I researched this last year & Safelite could order one for you. The only trouble that some of  the guys had was to make sure there was enough butyl (adhesive) put into the lower outside corner to make sure that you don't end up with a leak. Also make sure you have extra clips for the side stainless mouldings, as I am told they break when removing these moulding's. The plastic gets very brittle after 25 years.   Bob Barrow

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4463 156 1 MOULDING, W/Shield, Upr.
5 4454 976-7 1 MOULDING, W/Shield Pillar, Inner
6-7 4463 164-5 1 MOULDING, Windshield
- 6004 036 AR RETAINER
7 4463 165 1 MOULDING, W/Shield, Lt.





it fits: 1987-95 J,Q CONVERTIBLES


I have these NOS or used


that is the only clip shown in the part book for the windshield

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