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Extra courtesy light switch wanted, what can I use it for


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Have removed the heater/de-mister/air conditioner slide controls on my 63 and notice there is a space for the electric antenna not being used.


Would like to fit another Courtesy Light switch in that place to fill the gap.


Would someone have a spare courtesy light switch from 63 64 or 65 with the two mounting screws and knob ( in good condition) that they would like to sell? 


I will find a use for it somehow.


Any suggestions?


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As a kill switch, that's a great idea. However would a car thief just be able to jump a wire across bypassing this. I don't know how to "hot wire a cars ignition" so open to other thoughts.

many thanks.

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I'm pretty sure I have one from a 64.  I need to test it and won't be able to until Sunday afternoon, Just not sure about the shipping though, $10 plus the ride if interested.  I have a few other parts too if looking for anything else.



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Hi Larry,

$10.00 is fine, would be pleased to take it. ( I gather it has the knob with it ?)  yes if you can test, that would be good. I have the dash apart at the moment with heater core replacement, so no problem on the time frame.


Also looking for remote control mirror ( daily driver quality, not necessarily concours) if you had. Also looking at rear tail lamp lenses as spares. I usually have items sent US mail which is usually ok.  Please let me know if you can help with these and anything else you may have.


Please  let me know how I can pay, I have a PayPal account.


kind regards


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