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Firestone wheel clamps


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I have a 29 DB 3/4 ton truck. It came with the 6 spoke iron rims.

I need 20 of the wheel clamps and any information on the "Firestone Wheel Clamps". Are there any sales books available.

The attached sales photo does not include any Firestone clamps.

My clamps have a 40 stamped on the inside face. The second photo shows my clamps.


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I need 20 more of these clamps. I can have them forged but prefer to find some.

Is there a Firestone sales booklet that shows other vehicles that used these type? I know of a wooden wheel (unidentified) that use these. Looking for interchangeability. That would give a better chance to find some.   

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'20s Nash used firestone rims. I would go to a few swap meets to find some or post a wanted in the Buy/Sell section. These on ebay are close, maybe they would work until better was found.




ALSO SEE:    ebay   item 11201931149

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