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Event! Color combos? How to discover!?

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Today was National Splurge Day:


So, I splurge with more details about the upcoming event I am putting together in the South Elgin IL area (exact location to be confirmed).

07/30/2016, ~4p-10p, Saturday dinner & cruise night
07/31/2016, ~11a-3p, Sunday lunch & gathering
Make a weekend of it or just attend 1 day; not sure I will be able to have hotel discounts, but should have food discounts.
Live video from the event like what I did this past Wednesday night?


Why am I hosting this since I no longer have my cruising cars?  Because I miss events & really loved hosting the ones I created ~2008!  Plus, I miss nights like this, when a friend took a photo of his 1977 Pontiac Can Am at a cruise night:


Black & gold, like on this Camaro, is 1 of my favorite color combos, behind a few others.  What are your favorite vehicle color combos?


The latest Metro City entry: 
I have featured a bunch of photos from this model town, with more pics cued for future feature!


A friend saw this Kaiser Darrin (with door sliding into front fender) in person:
Wonder why that feature did not catch on!?


A friend spotted this AMC wagon on a side street in his hometown in TX:
I thought it fit perfect with this meme I created about discoveries.  Tho, along with going off the main road, trying the untried or not following instructions, I also add stepping outside of your comfort zone.  I have successfully stepped outside of mine a few times lately & discovered I enjoyed it more than I thought, so perhaps will do a radio-show-like Live Video broadcast sometime soon!


Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"How much longer will they be around?"  __ Don Williams __ 'Old Coyote Town'

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