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WTB Rod or parts Engine for 1915 Buick

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The rod for my 1915 truck broke on a tour last week and I need a new rod.  Does anyone have an extra one that I could buy.  Here is a picture of the rod and number from the parts book.  It is for the 3.75 bore engine which I think was used from 1914-1916 +-.  I would be interested in a piston if you had one also.

Please PM me if you can help. 





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Hi Larry, this might be the time to bite the bullet and have a set of modern material rods made. It sounds like you were lucky and didn't do too much damage to the rest of the engine,. What if one of the other 3 has fatigue cracks beginning to form. Sounds like you use your truck a fair bit, might be money well spent in the long run.

Greg in Canada

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42 minutes ago, Larry Schramm said:


Thanks for the reply.  I have been able to get a rod from Dave Brennen to get going again so I can be at Allentown if all goes according to plan.  May look into new rods and pistons after this experience to be in the ready.


Larry tried calling several times, glad to see you got one, if you need help in the future, let me know, I can help you out making them.

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