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Would this be considered factory installed? (humor)

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That looks to be factory-installed to me: Caterpillar factory, that is.  I didn't realize that Ford had sent all of its unsold 4 door Edsels to the Caterpillar factory for conversion into urban tractors, complete with back ho.  I'm impressed that it was also painted in Caterpillar yellow.  According to Fauxpedia, all but one of these magnificent machines were exported to the Kamchatka Peninsula, where they were used in snow removal operations ... or sumthin'.  A rare survivor indeed!




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Yikes ... .to laugh or cry ... I'm not sure.  BUT, I wouldn't mind seeing it in person, at least.....



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I never realized that the Edsel was such a versatile vehicle, but the four door tractor was way ahead of it's time and I can understand why it didn't sell.


The two fronted Ford is a bit of a puzzlement. With all the people that don't know if they are coming or going, I have to wonder why this most appropriate model isn't in full production by all the auto manufacturers.

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