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Up for sale today is a 1950 Crosley Super Hotshot roadster.  It has been restored over the last several years and has some work yet to do.  It is running and have drove it around the lot and it seems to run good.  The car is rare with very few built.  It is believed that this is a Super hotshot, having the newer version of the folding top but not having full doors, the car should have the leatherette around the cockpit instead of the rubber moulding of the Hotshots.  For more details on the car check out the restoration thread on this site, "The resurrection of a 1950 Crosley Hotshot"  It still need the seats and upholstery work done (I have the seat frames), top, and parking lights and brake lights, gas tank cleaned and it need a filler tube, and several other things to finish it up.  Would be a perfect first car for someone.  Won't break the bank...  $6995.00  PM me with questions or leave a note here. 

Located in Southwestern PA 










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