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Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

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having sanded, I ended up with a piece of Los Angeles in my trunk :D . Fortunately that I put not far from 10 tarpaulins in the trunk, calendar, ..., there will be less to clean
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and some damage that will be repaired. The tip of the wing that was formerly repaired (like the other side that I had to redo)
The bottom of the "frame" of the trunk
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Hello everyone :) , here is the rest of the work with a view to start once the tarpaulins are removed
To start with a little sheet metal on the bottom of the trunk frame
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The continuation with the tip of the wing, this part will be more complicated
Once stripping a thick layer of putty, the result is not terrible
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Then after having the shape of the angle with a protractor, I can see what angle I should give to my new pièces
Installation of the new parts and angle control
Installation of the new parts, you can see that I made a mistake in my calculations and that I am missing a small triangle at the bottom left of this parts (this will be arranged later). I will refine the grinding and sanding of the welds better once the parts are completely finished
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Put in place the chrome strip to make a check
It remains only to form and weld the two parts together and make the bottom of this parts
verification with the protractor once the two parts are welded
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Then before applying the white primer, I will redo the sheet metal seal which is part during the sanding, around the trunk.
I therefore equip myself with gloves, tape, and a seal cartridge with a gun
Then I put the tape on all around
Then I apply the seal
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With her friend not far away who watches over her
Then I protect and I can apply the white primer on the trunk, the repairs made and on the headlight strip that I had painted in dark gray after a while ago
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