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Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

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On July 4, 2016 at 0:43 AM, sebastienbuick said:

thank yous carredknightfan ;) .
yes the former owner found the keys to the set in the interior of the wing


You are welcome!


Cool ... can't say I've ever seen keys with holes punched in them such as yours are!



EVENT ;)http://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/2016/06/21/tuesday-trip-66/
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"Simple little things are the miracle cures" __ Neal McCoy __ 'Wink'

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2 (2).JPG


In the red area is the steering column and the steering box.  Not too far away is the brake proportioning valve.   Since you have ready access, have you laid it back in place to see if it was meant to be like that?

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digress a new topic I will.
when my father and my godfather was small (19 years) they buy this Renault Juvaquatre of 1955 the former village baker who distribute.
they can roll with a then let off.
then in 2010 it is demmare (over 20 years later)

and shortly we will fully restored as the original :).
so I will put photos on the forum

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hello, thank you for the compliments :)
this should be of good memories;)
I'm only 22 years old so I board not had the chance to know these years, but it had to be very good :).

when it was imported into France, they changed the exterior mirror for French standards.
If you recall the original there were two outside mirror? ( left and right ) .
we could adjust them from the inside? (Because I've seen that like this)
thank you

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I know you have not asked, but I just wanted to point out a small piece that you want to save.  See the part at the arrow in your picture below. It is a spark plug wire guide that is no longer available today. It should have a narrow hole going top to bottom and that hole is so it slides onto the tall peg that is part of the valve cover bolt.  2 wire guides are hard to find.  3 wire ones are plentiful.  They get brittle with age, so a word of warning to handle gently.


sebastians buick.jpg

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Good evening, here is some news from this weekend, I finished the wheel.
I expected the sand I recevrer normally in the week and next weekend I will finish stripping and I could paint it.
next Sunday I will also have an old car show, I probably will put some pictures;)SAM_0943.JPGSAM_0944.JPGSAM_0945.JPGSAM_0946.JPGSAM_0947.JPGSAM_0948.JPGSAM_0949.JPGSAM_0950.JPGSAM_0951.JPGSAM_0952.JPGSAM_0953.JPGSAM_0954.JPGSAM_0956.JPG

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Hello everyone, I have a small question.
if you know all the Electra 225 Custom 1969 was equipped with air conditioning?
because I do not know if it's a becaufe was sold new in France, but I do not have air conditioning .I have therefore not the same fan assembly and I have a fan has 4 palles instead of 5.
thank you

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Airconditioning was an option in 1969.  I have seen a few Electras without it.  Mostly convertibles though.  You probably do not have a fan clutch either then.  I think that is easy to find a 5 blade fan and the clutches are still available new.

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