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Restore my buick electra 1969 :)


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hello, here are some pictures of the early restoration of my buick (starting in September 2015).
I board not remove the chassis because I had no place, so I try to do the same thing but with the chassis set.
everything was a sand sheet metal then after I put a primer phosphating and white primary

for the bottom I did the same thing but in addition there is a rust black paint and a UNDERBODIES (blaxon) .I do deu into two parts with the front and back because I did not asser place too :).

I made piece by piece (inside the box, with underbody frame, chest, right side doors, doors left sides, now the hood that I have to finish), and after I continued

by the front wings, wheel, brake ....
and I want to know if I can find a restoration kit for front brake?
thank you

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hello and thank you :), I inquire and was told that there was no remanufactured for discs and pads (to the front).
and someone told me that GM had probably done a restoration kit to mount either same.
is it true ? on the internet I found a California dashboard in good condition :) (mine was cut to the radio).

I also find on the internet that this foam put in the hood, there's a hole in the middle and I wonder why? was there a light at that location?
I'll put the links if I can



thank you ! ;) 

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Bonnet? Do you mean the hood? The hinged thingy that covers the engine.  Most Buicks that I've seen from the 60's were painted a satin black on the bottom side of the hood.  If I were to paint the inside of a bonnet, some girl would get paint in her hair.  If I were to paint the inside of my boot, I'd get paint on my foot.  A wing is something on an airplane, not aeroplane, and a fender is something that covers the tire (tyre ?) or a brand name of a guitar.  


Just having some fun.  But if you need to transport you car, you'd better find a truck; if you put your car on a Lorry, her dad would get very upset because you'd probably injure here severely.



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The underside of the hood should be satin black.  However, I have noticed on my 69 GS and on my 72 Electra, that there is a considerable amount of splatter of the body color under there as well.  It's not everywhere, and  I think it the splatter/overspray was done at the factory when the edges of the hood were painted body color.  The GS may have had the hood painted before I got it, but I am 99% certain the Electra is still wearing her factory coat.  

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On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2016 at 1:37 AM, sebastienbuick said:

I inquire and was told that there was no remanufactured for discs and pads (to the front).
and someone told me that GM had probably done a restoration kit to mount either same.
is it true ?

When I had my 69 Electra, back from 1990 through 2004 (or 5), the pads for the disc brakes were available.  The kits you refer to may be caliper rebuild kits, and I don't know if they are still available.  But the rotors were not available.  At the time Kanter Auto parts https://www.kanter.com/  was advertising that they were having the rotors manufactured, but I never saw them actually available before I sold my car.


Whatever you do, do not throw away your old parts. 


PS: I just looked at that site I recommended, and it appears they do have rotors.  But I would call them before sending any money.  First off they list the drum and rotor as available for a 65-70.  While the drum may be the same for all those years, I am not certain the rotors would be the same.  The full sized Buicks had the 4 piston calipers for 67-69.  In 70 I believe the calipers were changed to the single piston caliper.  Maybe they did use the same rotor in 70?  But I am not certain.

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Hello, ok thank you very much for all this information;).
electra is my original caramel color and the edge of the inside cover there is caramel paint. so I think it's like your 69 gs.
So my hood and black satin original :)

thank you for the information on the brakes).
I'll send them a message :).
yes indeed they are caliper pistons 4, I'll see later;).
if not it rains this afternoon I will continue my hood sand and paint the primary.
I will put pictures;)

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LOVE the plethora of photos for your project ... very cool.  Your work is just as meticulous.  Very glad to see you saving this old Buick! :)



Cort > www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)

"I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end" __ James Taylor __ 'Fire & Rain'

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 The work looks very good. My '69 has the disk brake option as well, and my rotors are still good, but I do drive it somewhat. These disks really pull the car down from speed, the finned drums from the late 60's cars work well, but the disks are great.

 Keep up the good work!


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hello, here is the result of work :).
after having sanded the hood, I spend a hinge Phosphate (green) and after a white primer while waiting to pass the black finish.
so I start to disassemble the left front fender and I realized that we must first remove the front bumper

so I remove the bumper and tomorrow (normally all day) I disassembled the wing and I start preparing :)






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hello, so here is news of today's proceedings.
This morning I finally managed to dismantle the wing (almost 20 screws) and then I had a surprise.
was the time the first owner had double hide a key inside the wing! :)

then I sanded the entire interior of the wing and the bottom of the wing (side road) .I start scoring round rust holes and can be seen with the markings I made there had already been repaired.

and next weekend I started to cut the metal sheets to replace and move the phosphating paint and the white primary.
So here today :) (its made me pray when same all day :))























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Good evening, here is the advanced work yesterday and this morning.
I cut the metal sheets, then repeat, sand, that kills the rust, and paint and primer phosphating.
it gave me same when praying some time :).
and next weekend I weld the metal sheets and Phosphate and primer













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to insert pictures in a certain order, try typing any character, then a return , then hit the + button on the picture. 

DSC02809 (1).JPG


That actually inserts the picture into the text

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