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Brush Owners Association


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  • 3 months later...

I guess back in June I detected a problem with the Brush Owners Association and it now needs a new place to call home. To have this site available to all Brush owners and those who have a general interest in the Brush auto, it will serve you well. There are those who may say that the HCCA is a better site, and that is fine, we all have different needs or interests. I honestly believe that this forum, dedicated to the Brush auto, can serve the members needs the best. Tours etc. may find the HCCA site the best. Use one or both sites for your needs, but continue to use these sites to share the knowledge of a fine little automobile....BRUSH.

This is just my opinion, any pros or cons are welcome.



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Well, it has been almost two years and I have not seen a web-site, newsletter, or discussions, relating to the reorganization of the US Brush Owners Association merging into the International Brush Association in Australia.

Anybody care to comment, good or bad? 







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caddyshack...I guess I am not much of a club guy, but have attempted to respond to people with questions about our little cars. I was a member of the US club for years and with the tragic passing of Mac,  the US club seems to have died too.  The Australian seemed to be interested in promoting his book. I just never connected with them in joining their organization. I agree that this forum seems to be a good location to reach out for information about our cars.


1909 BC Brush

1908 B Brush

1910 D Brush

1907 K Cadillac ( motor design by Brush)

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hello, my name is Cole, and I just became the owner of my late Grandfather’s Brush. I remember working on it with him as a child. It has sat for many years now and I am wanting to get it back running and driving. I want to make sure I take the right steps that should be taken with a car that has been sitting for awhile. I have no idea on the proper way to start the car either. Any and all help would be much appreciated. I went to the Brush Owners Association website and tried to get in contact with someone. I also would like to join if that is at all possible. 


Thank you you all for any help,

Cole Abel


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  • 3 years later...

Howdy boys, hoping there is someone out there still involved with the Brush group.  I am contemplating buying a 1910, and need all the info I can get.  Feel free to send me a  note!  Thanks!

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