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Wiper Motor both arms not moving

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You need to remove the wiper motor and arm assembly. You start by lifting the hood, take the wiper arms off (don't forget the washer tubes), remove the cowl cover (it has plastic x-mas trees holding it on), then the cover over the wiper motor assembly. Remove the bolts holding the arm pivots to the body, remove the motor mounting bolts and wiring. Start jiggling to get the whole thing to slide out of the cowl. Now you replace the plastic bushings that have disintegrated in the arms. The HELP! section of most auto parts stores carry them. The center bushing for the motor isn't directly supplied, but a drill bit of the correct size fixes that.



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The wiper bushings on the wiper arms are available at your local Chrysler dealer.

The Mopar part number is 3799089.You need 3 of them. The center bushing for the motor is 5211015.

If you cant find them, do what Reaper1 said. Good luck.



I have the TC factory shop manual for sale if you cant find yours.



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The picture shows the base of your wiper arm as it attaches to the drive.  Please be careful as you are playing very close to the windshield.  The tab circled needs to be moved away from the arm.  Be gentle.  It will only move so far at which time you then need to lift the tip of the arm away from the windshield about 2 inches  and the tab will move a little farther from the arm.  At that point you should be able to pull the arm off of the drive.  The tab will not come completely off of the arm and don't force it.

Wiper A Painted.jpg

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Just to expand on this: it is easier to do with the hood up. Lift the arm off of the windshield and then pull that tab out (comes out probably 1/4"). It *should* hold the wiper arm off of the glass and then it *should* come off. They do get stuck over time...I had to really work at getting the arms off my '90 Daytona.

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