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That's almost like asking what oil to use or which spark plugs, there's dozens of choices and most would work fine. You didn't say what engine package you have(consider taking 3 minutes to add a signature line?) but if you have either turbo motor your gonna get more than a sound upgrade from a free flow exhaust.  Power will go way up (I documented a 30HP gain on one TC years ago with my silly little G tech meter that were all the rage back then)and milage will as well. However if you just have a muffler put on your  not gonna see as much as a well thought out system. The TC exhaust system includes two inline baffles(that I've not seen on any other turbo Mopar from the era) and a serious pinch down where the system goes over the axle.  SO my recommendation is that you address the whole system with a quality 2.5" mandrel  bent set up.   My exhaust guy in Costa Mesa CA charges me about $500. for a downpipe to tailpipe for a  400 Series Stainless Steel system.  It's the first mod I do to any of my project cars.



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The best cost / performance set up is a simple cat delete ( or high flow cat if you get emissions ) and a glass pack. You could go the fart can route to and end up sounding like most hondas. The best sound you could get would be from a Tubi muffler with no cat or resonator. Tubi makes the exhaust for Ferarri and Maserati, it was that whiny growl that sounds so sexy. I would have got one but a used muffler is around $500

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Hate to toss a monkey wrench into this theoretical conversation as to what the car would sound like without the cat, but the cat is federally required. Your race car may not need one, but your street car does and even though you may live in an area that doesn't look to see if it is still attached, it is still a fed requirement. The cat has to be bad before a shop can replace a cat, even when a better cat is used.


No big deal, but even in a world where it seems that nobody really cares, the fed still sends people out to entice service shops into removing a cat, or telling someone how to do it and for those that fall prey to the visit is a $10,000.00 fine and a year of time, usually stayed with time served applied.


Needless to say search engines don't need to knock at your door or look under your car.



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OK, so now that we have had the catalytic converter requirements talk....


Here's the deal, the bigger the pipe, the lower the tone. 3" pipe is probably going to be the largest you can fit and would ever need to go(unless you plan to make over 500hp). If you go to take the car to a shop and ask them to install 3" pipe, some will say they can't do it. Move on, as it most certainly can fit and not make noise...it just takes a little effort to get it right.


The type of material the pipe is made of can also affect the tone and overall sound. Usually you don't have much choice as most shops only have aluminized steel.


Typical shops also don't have mandrel benders or mandrel bends at all, so they crush bend. Not a huge deal if max power isn't your goal, just doesn't flow as well or look as nice.


Your best bet is to get a pre-bent kit from someplace like turbosunleashed.com or fwdperformance.com They both carry pre-bent mandrel exhaust for Daytona's. If I'm not mistaken the center straight section is what would need to be trimmed to fit a TC.


As for a catalytic converter: that's your choice. What *I* recommend is to get a high flow aftermarket unit. They quiet the exhaust down some and contrary to older technology, the new ones don't sap a lot of power, if any.


Muffler...that's like asking what oil is the best. My personal preference is the Borla XR-1. It's stainless steel, straight through design, and to me has a better sound than the Magnaflow and Dynomax mufflers, especially in the higher rpms.


Do yourself a favor and make sure the exhaust tips extend past the rear bumper slightly. This will reduce noise in the car and possible drone at highway speeds (Daytona's are horrible about it, but because they are a hatchback).


A larger exhaust will positively affect the performance of your car as well as the economy (if you can keep your foot out of it).


BTW, the stock TC exhaust is actually higher flowing than most would think. Yes, AJ is correct that it does have 2 resonators. I have pictures of the inside of the first one. It is of a straight through design, non-louvered (it's punched where the inside of the pipe is smooth), and is of the same inner diameter as the preceding pipe. Also, the over-the-axle piece is 2" instead of the typical 1-7/8" all the way to the muffler. This is why the "Ultimate Daytona" (Bob Lutz's IROC R/T Daytona that had a 2.5 TIII with a cam phaser on it) used a TC muffler! Just a little FYI.

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