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1935 KC/L air cleaner

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Does anybody know for sure what the air cleaner looked like on my KCL? The manual I have does not have one of those black and white renderings of the chassis and engine like the CHRYCO manuals of the period usually did. I now have 2 air cleaners including one I bought today that someone had written many moons ago on it  1935 DODGE. It,s the same as the one Ive had all these years but 2X as high.



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I have two pictures from my 35 second series KCL.  One is from before restoration and one is after.  I didn't do the restoration myself so I can't say that the original was used in the restoration, but I assume so.





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Thanks for the reply. Your engine looks very much untouched. You even have the '35 generator with the first "voltage only" regulator on it (no current control). I don't have either. But your air cleaner looks nothing like either of mine. Can I take a photo of my 2 air cleaners and send them to you and have you post them on this thread? My posting ability stopped about 5 years ago and I can no longer put up any photos. The site administrator is no help.    

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