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Tire Code?


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3 minutes ago, cutlasguy said:

I would guess June 31st 1971


Where did you come up with 1971?  The last digit in these DOT codes is the year and it is a '5'. 


I wasn't sure about when the lettering code changes before 2005?  Thanks.


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CY is the manufacturer

UD is the tire size

F317 is the tire type / model

19 is the week of the year

5 is the year

Since tires have shelf life, no one would be expecting to figure 20+ years later what year it was made  ;)



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The tire is a F60-15 Firestone Wide Oval .......The first 2 digits may be a date code according to the Superbird site http://www.superbirdclub.com/files/GoodyearDatecodes1.pdf     The early codes don't follow the later DOT standards......the CY would point to the last week of July according to this chart as CUTLASGUY  pointed out.....beyond that I'm not sure...... 

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Pre-80. Before the millennium there were 3 digit codes but '90s had a triangle on the end. '80s didn't, 70s did not have the separate embossing.  Since that does not follow the same format, I suspect 1970's. Agree the CY probably is not McCreary so an earlier format


80s (not sure about the meaning of the plus signs)


90s (note the triangle at the end)



The original one I'd read in the 1972-1979 format as the 19th week of 1975. Note it has the DOT which to me mans later than 71.


ps an 68 Firebird with DOT labeled tires the owner swore were original was one of the reasons I quit judging.

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